Amazing Low Prices

We’re a family owned business supplying talented photographers with quality backdrops at a fair price. We handle your printing and shipping right out of our shop, passing on the savings to you!

Lightning Fast Printing

Our lightning fast printing is one way we set ourselves apart. We don’t like waiting around weeks for something we buy online and neither do you! Your order will be printed on the same or next day!

Eco-Friendly Inks

We print with eco-friendly latex inks that are waterproof/smudge-proof. Our inks contain no hazardous air pollutants, resulting in instantly dry, odorless prints that are safe even for infants (cake smash time!)

Printed with Love

We print with pixie love and rainbow giggles on a snazzy strawberry flavored lollipop material. Actually we print on our house semi-textured matte vinyl, but it is pretty sweet!  

All I can say is WOW!

I just received my backdrop and all I can say is “WOW!” The color is amazing, the design is exactly what I had envisioned, the texture is perfect, and the shipping Oh my word that is incredible. You all totally won me over. I love the bigger size options too and knowing that this is done by a family is a really good feeling. Josh Astor Photography

The quality is Amazing!

I received my first order last week and the quality is amazing, far better than others I’ve purchased from other companies…so excited to put them to use!! Terri Beloit Photography

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Can’t wait to use them all!

I just got my first order in and I think they are great! Can’t wait to use them all!

Cathy Broz Photography

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Some of our best selling products!

Highest Rated Products

Some of our highest rated products!

Frequently Asked Questions and more informational type stuffs

What type of materials do you print on?

The majority of our printing is on a durable, matte (glare-free) 13 oz. vinyl material. Our next most popular material is canvas. This is also a durable, glare-free material but it’s more elegant. If you’re not careful you may fall in love with the canvas and never go back to vinyl! We are currently only offering 60″ wide vinyl on our site but please let us know if you would like a different material. We can also print your custom order on poster paper, adhesive vinyl, window perforation, backlit material and even wallpaper! Most of our vector designs can be seamlessly transferred into any size wallpaper. Please shoot us an email for custom orders:

What is your printing process?

We print all of our orders using durable, eco-friendly latex inks. The inks are cured immediately after being printed, ensuring your backdrop will be dry, odorless and ready to use right out of the tube! Our inks contain no hazardous air pollutants and are safe for infants and those sensitive to chemicals (cake smash time). Even our printers are Energy Star rated!

How fast can you print?

Our lightning fast printing is one way we set ourselves apart from the competition. We don’t like waiting around weeks for something we buy online and neither do you! Our typical printing time is 2 days, while many orders are printed on the same or next day! Expedited shipping rates are also available.

How do you ship the backdrops?

Our backdrops and floordrops are rolled snuggly and placed into cardboard tubes. The ends are sealed before our awesome UPS guy comes to bring it to your door. We will not fold your backdrops, creases are not our friend! Your order will generally be shipped the same day it is printed. We also offer expedited shipping for your convenience.

How do I hang up a butterfly backdrop?

Our backdrops are available in a standard no-hardware-option but we also offer grommets and pole pockets for your convenience. The no-hardware-option allows you to use your hanging imagination! The grommet-option can be used with nails, hooks or twine. The pole-pocket can be used with a hanging system that has an existing frame.

How should I store my butterfly backdrop?

We recommend storing your backdrops and floordrops rolled up, with the printed side facing in. A cool dry area will preserve the material and inks for years to come. You can even store them in the shipping tubes they arrive in.

How should I clean my butterfly backdrop?

Our vinyl backdrops can be cleaned with a damp cloth or warm soapy water if necessary. Allow your backdrop to air dry before use or rolling back up to store. Please avoid using harsh chemicals and abrasive sponges.

What happens if my butterfly backdrop gets wrinkled?

Generally heat will “iron out” any wrinkles. Leave your butterfly backdrop in direct sunlight for an hour. If wrinkles are still a problem, iron the backside of the backdrop on a low setting with a towel or sheet barrier between the iron and backdrop. Images shown on Butterfly Backdrops may need to be cropped due to size ordered. Cropping images is at the discretion of our art department unless otherwise specified. We’d love to accommodate you in anyway we can so please let us know if we can help:

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